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So qualitative work and each and every minute design also holds a credit:):) I guess any one of the Wallcoverings to be in voilet colour as that it would be more attractive...Great work by William Morris...

It does appear to have a trace of Chinese influence in the design, especially on the second one: the reds are made to burst out of the walls because of the neutral background. His work is very inspiring, indeed!

Wallpapers usually features one patterned or colored side with a self-adhesive on the back. This type of wallpaper is relatively durable and is great for bathrooms, kitchens, and children's' bedrooms.

William morris wall covering art is really wonderful.I like this type of wall papers design.William morris created patterns it's looking organic and naturalistic.

This all wallpaper is so beautiful and wonderful. I think this type of wallpaper looks great in child's room. I like this natural amazing wallpaper.

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